Welcome to our KUMC Pediatric PT wiki!

This wiki has been created by Doctor of Physical Therapy Students at the University of Kansas Medical Center as part of their Spring and Fall 2012 pediatric physical therapy coursework. If you are a pediatric therapy provider or have an interest in topics related to pediatric PT, we hope you will find this to be a good resource. Unfortunately, because this wiki is part of a class project, we will not grant membership rights to anyone not enrolled in the course.

Tips for Students:

Please visit Angel for detailed information on your wikispaces.com assignments.

Getting Started

  • Use the right sidebar to find the page you'd like to view or edit. I have named many of the pages for you. Please feel free to add more pages if you like.
  • Click on the edit button above to put your own content on the page. I encourage you to use the "file" and "widget" functions as much as possible. It is much more fun and accessible to view an actual document, photo, or video within a page rather than having to click to another site to find it.
  • Have fun, be creative and collaborative. This is your wiki and a resource you will be able to use for your courses and beyond.

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Social Media Policy

By accessing, viewing and/or posting any content related directly or indirectly to the PTRS Social Media Sites on the internet, you accept the following terms of use:
By leaving comments, posting images, reviews, discussions, videos, and case studies on the PTRS Social Media Sites, you are agreeing to have your image and/or identity published online. You acknowledge that this information is of public domain and may be viewed by anyone. You should not post any personal information, protected health information, or patient identifiers on any of the PTRS Social Media Sites. These sites do not serve as medical advice for the public and if you have a medical condition please contact your primary care provider. By posting content to these Social Media Sites, you agree that you will not violate any local, state, federal and international laws and regulations regarding internet usage or post inappropriate material as determined by the instructor (owner of each Social Media Sites).

Wikispaces assignments for PTRS 851

You will receive an invitation to join this wiki via email. Although anyone with the link may view the wiki, you will not be able to edit and manage the wiki until you accept your Wikispaces invitation and set up your (free) account. I will show you how to do this on the first day of class. I will provide a demonstration of how to edit the wiki and answer any questions you may have. In addition, you can find a Wikispaces tutorial video on the home page of the course wiki.

Within the wiki are 5 pages, one for each module of the course. During the semester, each team of students will be responsible for building a wiki page or section on an assigned topic. Team assignments are posted on Angel.

Module A
(5 points-due 5 pm Feb 21)
Module B- complete the assigned chart
(5 points-due 5 pm Feb 26)
Module C
(due 5 pm March 6)
Module D
(due 5 pm March 13)
Module E
(due 5 pm March 20)
Team 1
Neural Maturationist theory
Primitive reflexes
Reach & grasp wiki page (10 points)

Team 2
Cognitive theory
Milestones birth-12 mo

Postural control wiki page (10 points)

Team 3
Dynamical Systems theory
Milestones 15 mo-6 years

Mobility wiki page (10 points)

These pages are named by topic and can be accessed by clicking on the page name on the right side of the wiki. I have included headings on some pages for guidance, and have embedded a table of contents on each page. Beyond that, I urge you to be creative, and I encourage you to take the wiki in whatever direction you like. Keep in mind that the purpose of these wiki pages is to compile a collection of online resources that will be helpful for you in this course, the Pediatric PT course in the fall, for your comp exams, on the board exam, and in the clinic.
Remember, although only invited users (students in this course) can edit the wiki, anyone can view it. The wiki is not secure. This means that NO protected health information may be posted on the wiki.

Wikispaces assignments for PTRS 833

During the semester, you will work in 6 teams (5-6 students each) to complete in-class coursework and assignments. Teams are posted on Angel. Each team of students will be responsible for building one wiki page on an assigned topic prior to the class session in which we will be discussing that topic. During class, each team will be responsible for presenting their wiki page. After class, the team will be responsible for updating the wiki to reflect in-class discussion and post a summary of the case discussion.

I have created each of your team pages and will build the page for the topic covered during week 1. They are named by topic and may be accessed by clicking the page name on the right side of the wiki. To get you started, I have included a few basic headings for each wiki pages, but please add to and modify these headings as you see fit. The only required headings for each wiki are "case summary" and "references." You must cite at least 6 references (your textbook may be one of them) on your wiki page.

Wiki page completed
by 9 am
Wiki page update & case
summary completed by 5 pm
The environment of intervention, family centered care, team approaches to service delivery
Early intervention & school-based services under IDEA
Examination of the pediatric patient
Musculoskeletal impairments: CMT & sports injuries in children
Neurological impairments: cerebral palsy & myelodysplasia
Genetic disorders & DCD